Monday, April 14, 2014

Side Feathered Nails

Hello Everyone.

Today I'm here to share my nails of the day.  I created these nails after my friend showed me a picture she found on Pintrest of these nails in a different color.  I recreated the nails on myself (to practice for when I would do hers) in orange and purple because she liked those two colors together & I really like the end result.
Colors from L-R
Tart Deco, Fiji, Boxer Shorts, Play Date, Stroke of Brilliance

For these nails I used Essie nail polish in the colors Tart Deco, Boxer Shorts, Play Date, Stroke of Brilliance, and Fiji.  For the feather I used a random black nail polish (I believe it was Sinful Colors) and drew it on using a nail art brush.

These nails are really easy to recreate and look good in almost any colors. Basically all you do is paint on your base color, Tart Deco in my case, and then take a nail art brush and messily paint on the other colors one by one.  You don't want your lines to look perfect and you want them to be a little messy and uneven to give it that "feather" look.  After you've painted on all the different colors, take Stroke of Brilliance and add a little glitter to your nails. I found the best technique to do this was to dot on the glitter in 3 places down the side of your nail and just push the glitters outwards using the same nail art brush as before.  That way you have a more controlled application of the glitter and you won't get glitter outside of the feathers.  Top with a coat of Seche Vite & you're done.

Easy Right?

If you try to recreate these nails let me know how they turn out in the comments or tag me in a picture on instagram @xosabrinau.

Until next time,

Stay Beautiful.

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