Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nail Polish Haul

Hello again,

So I just got another package in the mail from a lovely seller on Poshmark.  If you haven't heard of Poshmark before it's a site or if you're on a mobile device, it's an app where you can sell your old clothes or things you just don't want and also buy a lot of things for very cheap.  I haven't really bought much off of the site because I just have way too many things already.

One thing I do buy like crazy off of the site though is Nail Polish.  I can't find anybody else who sells their nail polish at the deals that these lovely ladies on Poshmark do.  My entire Essie nail polish collection has come solely from Poshmark and I almost always get these bottles at around $3-$4 each as compared to stores where they sell for around $10.  Plus, they don't only sell the old colors where the bottle is half empty, they sell the colors that have recently come out and are brand new.  I'm so happy that I have found these people on poshmark to help fuel my nail polish addiction.

In my order this time, I got OPI Crown me Already, OPI DS Lapis, Essie Cocktails and Coconuts, Essie Find Me An Oasis, Essie Romper Room, Essie Mod Square, and Nicole by OPI Oh, Thats Just Grape!
Essie L-R
Cocktails and Coconuts, Romper Room, Find Me An Oasis, Mod Square

DS Lapis, Crown Me Already

Nicole by OPI 
 I got all of this for $23 and that price is including shipping!

So if you aren't on postmark, you should be, if only for the great deals that you can find on there.  If you do join, you can follow my closet xosabrinau and the lovely seller that I purchased these nail polishes from is tiffanyj3.

Until Next Time,

Stay Beautiful.

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